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Voodoo Drips Quality Test

Experiment Details: Question: How long can vape juice made with Voodoo Drips and shatter can stay mixed together before separating into layers? Experiment Date: April 4 2016 Expected Results : minimum 3 month Desired Results: 12 months Actual Result : 18 + months and...

Voodoo Drips – The Best wax thinner in the market

Vaping is 95% safer than smoking, it doesn't involve burning and hence doesn't produce harmful chemicals. The benefits of vaping are embraced by people smoking tobacco cigarettes and smoking marijuana. Vaping herbal extracts however haselled vapors and smokers because...

voodoo drips is the best wax thinner in the market. Trusted and used both by customers and professional manufacturers alike. With voodoo drips you can make flavorful discreet vape juice that gets you medicated.

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