Voodoo Drips Quality Test

In March 2016 we made the final version of Voodoo Drips ( flavorless ) recipe . We were able to achieve all our goals . The details of all aspects of voodoo drips can be found in my other article "What is Voodoo Drips ". This was time to test the shelf life of the voodoo . We did a simple small experiment to find out how long the infused e juice made with voodoo drips stay intact and mixed before separating into layers . The experiment is described in bit more detail below:

Experiment Details:


How long can Voodoo Drips infused e-liquid can stay mixed together before separating into layers ?


Experiment Date: April 4 2016 

Expected Results : minimum 3 month 

Desired Results: 12 months

Actual Result : 18 + months and still mixed together 


Extract Details:

5 grams of Shatter, Dark color, hard with glassy look

( Pytho -Indica )

Solution Details:

2.5 ml Aura – Flavorless (by voodoo Drips)

Batch 1210


Mixing process:

Shatter + 2.5 ml Voodoo Drips + 20 seconds of microwave + stir  

  • 5 gram of shatter was heated with 2.5 ml of Voodoo Drips (aura) in microwave in sessions. (15 seconds + 5 seconds).
  • The warm solution was stirred rapidly for 60 seconds.
  • When mixed uniformly It was transferred to 30 ml transparent glass e-juice bottle for storage. The solution was let to sit down.
  • It was then observed for next 5 days on regular basis.
  • We did not see any sign of separation.
  • The bottled was then sealed with shrink wrap and stored at room temperature.(April 9, 2016 )

Last Checked : October 15th, 2017. The bottle still did not show any sign of separation.






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