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"Omens come in many flavors, and the Chimera is a grand monster of hybridized qualities that provides both a subtle hint of red-skinned orb fascination with a deeper animalistic nature as this incredible sweetness lures you into its power."

Flavor Profile Description


This is people’s top favorite flavor because it tastes like sweet red grapes that pop mouth-watering juice on your tongue.


Mixing Instructions
1) Add 1 gram of extract and 0.5 ml of voodoo drips in shot glass

2) Heat ( in microwave ) for 15-20 seconds

3) Stir the solution thoroughly and mix evenly

4) Pour into tank / cartridge and start vaping . Start with small puffs

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Dissolve up to 5 gram per 1 ml 
Recommended Amount : 1 gram per 0.5ml   
Can be mixed with Aura ( Flavorless) to dilute the e juice

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