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"Stay awake, for the strong emotions of awareness pull you aside as you bask in the yellow light of new places within"

Flavor Profile Description

Ripe Mango

A blend of heaps of mangoes with hints of peaches. The deliciousness of this flavor will make your feet and body move in all of the right ways.

Mixing Instructions
1) Add 1 gram of extract and 0.5 ml of voodoo drips in shot glass

2) Heat ( in microwave ) for 15-20 seconds

3) Stir the solution thoroughly and mix evenly

4) Pour into tank / cartridge and start vaping . Start with small puffs

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Dissolve up to 5 gram per 1 ml 
Recommended Amount : 1 gram per 0.5ml   
Can be mixed with Aura ( Flavorless) to dilute the e juice

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