Read all information you need to get best Voodoo Drips experience. 

Choosing Strength

Voodoo Drips was formulated with the idea of delivering maximum benefit and Potency while giving the best quality and taste . We formulated so you can choose your own concentration and flavor strength of herbal E-juice. After reading the following simple steps you will be a Voodoo Master yourself .

Max Concentration

Ratio: 0.2ml to 1gram
Flavor Strength: 
Mild and Decent

Recommended Concentration

Ratio: 0.5ml to 1gram
Potency: Very Strong
Flavor Strength: Tip-Top

Medium Concentration

Ratio: 1ml to 1gram
Potency:  Medium
Flavor Strength: Strong

Low Concentration

We recommend you to make All Day / low concentration herbal E-juice with Aura. Some people will find flavors to be very strong and harsh by making low concentration E-juice with flavored Voodoo Drips. 


1 full dropper of 5m bottle = 0.5ml (or 18 drops) 

1 full dropper of 30ml bottle = 1ml (or 35 drops) 



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