Voodoo Drips… A 420 Concentrate line that will change the way you medicate

First off what is it about VooDoo Drips that makes it not your average Ejuice? Here in Washington State and Colorado along with new states that just passed legal marijuana laws there are current marijuana users and possibly a new generation of people who can medicate in a new and discrete way. I visited a half dozen dispensaries in Spokane, WA and none of them offered anything like what VooDoo Drips line of juice does. VooDoo Drips allows a user to take a concentrated form of marijuana and essentially mix it with some of these GREAT tasting juices to medicate with devices you already own. Concentrated marijuana comes in many forms…shatter and resin butter all being perfect examples of concentrated marijuana. For this review we used a shatter form that normally you would need a special bong style device to smoke. I started by putting 1 dropper of their HoneyDew Melon Flavor and 2 droppers of flavorless, and mixed them in a shot glass I wanted mine to dissolve quickly so I put the shot glass in the microwave wave for 20 seconds and stirred it with a toothpick and then poured the liquid into a Sigelei Elf tank and went to town, it worked very well at a low wattage and never separated! It also worked beautifully in my Nebox and Cupti with high OHM coils and low wattage. No matter the coil it seemed low wattage was the way to go as far as not burning up the THC content. In talking to dispensaries I learned that they offer different types of “ecig” style devices that are supposed to make smoking discrete but they have a shelf life and the mixture can separate giving the user off “doses” of THC or CBD, as CBD had grown in popularity for its medical benefits with little to no high. Voodoo Drips opens the door to everyday people who want to medicate or even recreational use marijuana but don’t want to do it where everyone will know they do. I found this product to be so very innovative and a great way to use marijuana products. Everything I mixed not only never separated, even days and days later but also went together easily. One bottle of Voodoo Drips e liquid will melt down up to 150 grams of marijuana as you only need a small amount of VooDoo Drops to break down the concentrate. This also allows you to control how strong you want your dosage of marijuana product to be, which is even cooler. Now that you get really what it does and is let’s talk about what it tastes like, there are technically 4 flavors and 1 flavorless. Aura being the flavorless flavor; Mystique (Blueberry), BellaDonna (RoseBerry), Delusion (HoneyDew Melon) and Insanity (Banna) being the 4 flavored juices. I tried all of them and found all of them to be wonderful in flavor actually to my surprise as normally CBD or THC normally have very earthy tones, I really thought nothing could go good with that flavor…boy was I wrong! Belladonna is a Strawberry Rose flavor and was my #1 favorite if I could only pick one! The strawberry is dominating and the rose must mix with that earthy flavor so well that all you taste is this sweet strawberry AMAZING flavor that you can’t even put your finger on, it’s just GOOD! I also really enjoyed the HoneyDew Melon flavor of Delusion and I don’t even like Melon vapes, but it was very delicious once mixed. Flavorless came in very handy to either down play some of the flavors, dilute the strength of the tank or use solo. Banana was also a favorite at my house, and everyone loved the Blueberry that really pulled awesome flavor out of Sativa strains of BHO. I’m definitely excited to see how this movement blows up! No more giant pieces of shatter being melted on glass, and no more buying CBD that is twice the price of making it yourself like this. After this I’ll never buy a per-made CBD Ejuice because this makes a much better quality and tasting flavor than any CBD oil I’ve EVER used! The line drops today for retail and wholesale purchases and I’ll include links below to their website and social media page. One thing is for sure, you aren’t going to want to miss out on this, the benefits of this are endless and revolutionary! Voodoo Drips is sure to be on everyone’s radar for a VERY long time! Remember you heard it here first and Vape On!

Blog written and published by : Noelle M

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Special Thanks to NOELLE ( Drips Babe )